Gris /Rose Beaulieu
Turquoise Beaulieu
Jaune/Rouge Beaulieu
Sénanque Rouge
Sénanque Jaune / bleu
Ecru / Bleu, Sénanque
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Novelties 2018 in the placed Jacquard patterns range available at L’Ensoleillade:

  • The Beaulieu collection made of 100% cotton, in 3 different shades comes in: placed Jacquard patterns tablecloths, napkins, dish towels and table runners with Teflon or Acrylic coating.
  • In the Reillanne Collection, the new beige shade in the placed Jacquard patterns.
  • In the luxury collection, the design Valentine Bleu and Naturel with matching napkins and table runners.
  • The 2018 collection offers new designs for the table runners with a Teflon or Acrylic coating: Beaulieu and Caprice. Also available, only in Teflon: Reillanne, Olive and Sénanque.


Jacquard Teflon treatment

Our Jacquard fabrics are treated with the Teflon treatment which repels water and oil. This protective product permeates every fiber of the fabric instead of being applied only to the surface. This technology allows any liquid to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric. Any other substance can be wiped off or soaked up with a clean cloth. Dry stains can be easily brushed. Perfect product for furniture linens. The products treated with the Teflon Fabric Protector don’t require any particular care.


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